Many people are hesitant to hire a Realtor; potential homeowners don’t want to “waste” money on a commission as they don’t see the value of it. But, finding your dream home in Salt Lake County is a huge task and it pays to have someone on your side.

Finding Your Dream Home in Salt Lake County

Right now, it’s definitely a seller’s market. Houses are listed for what feels like minutes before there are multiple offers. When searching for a home, it can be exhausting trying to negotiate showing times, offers, and counteroffers on your own. It’s practically a fulltime job to house hunt! That’s why the experts at Ninow Real Estate are worth the investment.

Is Hiring a Real Estate Agent Worth It?

You can find out why it’s worth working with a Realtor in our newsletter HERE. In summary, you want someone doing the legwork for you who’s thorough, connected, and knowledgeable. Having a Ninow Realtor means you have someone saving you time and money to help you find your dream home. 

Herriman Housing Market

Herriman, located in southwest Salt Lake County, is a bustling area that is growing and changing rapidly. It’s an ideal place to purchase a home, but you have to act fast. Homes for sale in Herriman average $400K and Ninow Real Estate can help you narrow down the elements that make up your dream home. So, with houses going under contract in the blink of an eye, what are some tips for finding your dream home in Salt Lake County before someone else does?

  1. Make a list – Be sure you, your partner, and your Realtor are on the same page when it comes to essential characteristics of your new home and neighborhood. Be realistic and work together to prioritize things like location, size, layout, and the like. Remember that cosmetic features can be changed easily!
  2. Get pre-approved – Work with a lender to see what you qualify for when it comes to a home loan. This will not only help you look only within your budget but will put you one step ahead when it comes time to put in an offer.
  3. Be flexible – It is important to have the aforementioned list of “must-haves” for your new Herriman home, but it’s also important to have a vision for what a house could potentially become. Sometimes it’s worth considering remodeling in order to check off some of the most important elements on your list.

The Salt Lake County housing market is full of potential, and with the help of Ninow Real Estate, you’ll find your dream home in no time.

Finding Your Dream Home in Salt Lake County

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